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Aloha! Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic some items may take as much as 20 days for fulfillment.
Aloha! Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic some items may take as much as 20 days for fulfillment.

My Story

From as early as I can remember, I've loved to draw and paint. I would sit for hours zoning out directly on whatever subject was on my radar at that moment. Persistence was always the key when it came to creating the right piece. Then I discovered photography. Thus began the experiment with blending photos and my art together. In my 20's, for a side job, I started working in a t-shirt shop and found out that I would put them all together on apparel and that's when I really lost my mind. From then on I was hooked. The concepts and designs that could be put on clothing are endless.

From there, my journey in art and photography continues for more than 20 years on just a hobby level as I took care of my family, home, and dogs. Then something traumatic happened. I shattered my ankle in a work accident that left me unable to walk for nearly 6 months. Surgery and rehab followed. Since I couldn't walk, I had to focus on something. My true passion and my desire to create saved me. It pushed me. Pulled me. Guided me.

Asana Hawaii was born. I began looking far and wide throughout the United States to find manufactures to help me put together my dream. Now that I have a network of true American Craftsman and Women that love what they do. Together we produce quality made apparel. All based on my art and photography images and from my experiences on the incredible Hawai'ian Islands.  My passion is to create unique, works that are made to be worn by yogi's, athletes, CrossFitters, and people that love excellent, well made apparel that is made to last. 

Welcome to my story! 

Much aloha, 


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