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The Mahana Set

Kaupulehu Clouds Set

Men's Collection

  • For our Planet. For our Future.

    Sustainability for our ʻāina, our island home, our Earth, is of top importance to Asana Hawai’i. It’s the only home we got, and we need desperately to take care of it. So, we’re getting greener every step of the way, while still providing you the quality products that keep up with all you do.

  • Time to tame the beast.

    Around 85% of all textiles produced by the fashion industry end up in landfills, making it a major contributor to environmental damage. What’s more, one in every five items produced by the fashion industry reach landfills without being worn even once. 

  • Made to Order Just for You.

    Each product you see in our catalog is made to order, which means once you place the order, we start working to get it to you. It takes time for us to create and send out the product but making each order on-demand allows us to avoid overproduction. This way we get to take care of you, and the planet we all share. 

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