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30-Days Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed -

If you're not happy, we're not happy. It's that simple.

So, try it on. Get a good workout. Take a break and lounge in the comfort of our high quality apparel.

Feel the craftsmanship. Experience the love that’s gone into each product we make.

 Wear it. Work out in it. Have moments of zen in it.

All products come with a 30 Day Free Exchange or Return within 30 Days of wear. If it doesn't fit or perform for you the way you want, we take it back. This is how confident we are in our gear.


Craftsmanship is the key to a great product. This is why we’ve teamed up with manufacturers in the USA, Latvia, China and Mexico to bring to you unparalleled quality and new Island inspired designs not seen anywhere else. 


From the initial design layout, to the fabrication, and testing of each product. There is a process to get it right. Our manufacturing team puts their heart and soul into each and every stitch.


Once the finished product is complete then we test it in the most extreme conditions with athletes and trainers right here in Hawai'i. This testing is rigorous. It has taken us to places we never thought we'd go.

All to get it perfect for you. 


Teresa Horlock

Yoga Practicer 

I love all of these Asana Hawaii products! The leggings are so comfortable! I wear them for yoga, hiking, gardening, lounging and just about anywhere I go! They’re very soft, breathable and perfect for any activity! I feel the same way for the super adorable tops and the Asana Hawaii bikini. So comfy! I’ve also bought the flip flops and they’re super durable! We still wear them to the beach even after 2 years, they are still super cute! And I must say the yoga mat is fabulous! I love all of Asana Hawaii products! Thank you for making amazing products! 

Sachi Sakti

Yoga Teacher

I love the softness of this fabric and how it just moves with me in my practice. As a yoga teacher, that is so important to have material that doesn't distract by making your movements uncomfortable. The moment needs to be in the mind, the body and the action that lets that spirit free. When your clothing doesn't move with you it just bring distraction from that time that is between you and your practice. I love your product and how good it feels to wear it. 

Uncle Danny

Outrigger Paddler 

I can't tell you how many rash guards that I have gone through. So I'm always on the lookout for good quality rash guards. The feel and comfort is just unsurpassed. I have complete satisfaction in purchasing each and every one I own. The coolness of the material is amazing while I'm out paddling which is at least 5 days a week. What's even further is the sun protection is an added bonus.